DragonRising_FullSooooooo, my blog is BACK! And I am writing again!

Stay tuned as I “fine-tune” the revived blog and add the newest addition to my Writings: Dragon Rising – The Untold Story of Asher Grey.

I am so excited about this novella. I have been working on it for quite a while and gotten great feedback from my most trusted and ardent fans of Asher.

I want to thank everyone who has hung in there with me while my other baby, my growing business, has garnered the lion’s share of my attention. It has been a great joy to have many outlets that I find so challenging and stimulating. And to reward you for sticking with me, I plan to keep adding little bits and bobs to the blog, as well as honing my craft with additional novels. They have been percolating inside me and I’m afraid that if I don’t take the lid off this pot, it’s going to blow! ;)

I will be reaching out to my mailing list for the early release of Dragon Rising soon. With all of my creative love and appreciation… Rachel