Wednesday Swaportunity – A+ for Concept

Swaportunity Wednesday

Swaportunity Wednesday

I have decided to use Wednesdays (assuming I keep up with this new resolution) as a day to highlight ‘swaportunities‘, a term I am obviously stealing from the Yoplait commercials.  Today’s swap is one that I personally, as a gluten-free consumer, cannot consume, but it occurs to me that many of my readers do.  In fact, it is my current interest in young people and the way that they eat that has initiated the desire for today’s post.

I have seen many college students and professionals of late singing the praises of Ramen Noodles, and believe me, I ‘hear’ them.  It seems impossible to complete one’s teens and twenties without consuming a mountain of instant Ramen.  Particularly if, like me, you attended school in a freezing cold, snowy place and a cup of steamy Ramen seemed like the gateway to heaven.

Unfortunately, most instant Ramen has the problems that all instant foods have: it is very highly processed and generally pretty unhealthy.   Particularly the a ton for no money type. In order to create the noodles for that type, they are fried first rather than air dried as most noodles are when made fresh and stored.   And the seasoning package for the broth is full of fat and MSG.  AND the noodles are conventional wheat, which will trigger any one with a gluten-sensitivity.  Eaten as-is, packaged cheap instant Ramen is like a bag of potato chips…junk food.  Not a meal.

Swap your Ramen for a healthier version!!!

Swap your Ramen for a healthier version!!!

Today’s Swaportunity

That being said, I don’t believe it telling people they can’t have something.  You could have regular Ramen less frequently as you would a bag of potato chips.  OR you could find a better Ramen and SWAP it for your old Ramen.  Enter today’s Swaportunity – Koyo Tofu Ramen (they have many other kinds on their website.)  You can get it from Amazon or other websites, particularly if you want to buy in bulk.  I am not certain exactly what physical locations may carry it but their website gives you this information.

This Ramen proves that something ‘instant’ can be made somewhat healthy.  It is low in fat, has no MSG, and is made with organic ingredients including HEIRLOOM wheat noodles.  I am thinking about giving heirloom wheat a try to see if I can tolerate eating it.  I won’t start with Ramen, but I would if I were in college still…:)

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